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CUMC Youth Plan Summer Mission Trip

This summer - June 30 through July 6 -10 CUMC youth and 4 leaders will be traveling to Millersville, Maryland for a week of home repairs and heart-filled service.

According to the Group website information,  "Millersville borders the Chesapeake Bay and sits about 15 miles from Baltimore and Annapolis (the state capital), 25 miles from Washington DC.  Millersville has a diverse population of half a million residents which include retired veterans, retired federal government workers, retired auto and steel workers, and young families employed by the tech industries.

The history of the area is rich and diverse. Baltimore is the birthplace of our National Anthem; Annapolis is home of the US Naval Academy, and Washington DC displays its roots with memorials and museums that mark milestones in history.

Group Workcamps bring teens together to serve individuals and communities while building strong, long-lasting relationships with their friends and youth leaders"

Our youth will be working with other youth groups from across the country, to repair and transform homes while growing closer to Jesus