Adult Faith Formation

Learning and growing in faith is not for children and youth only! Spiritual maturity is a lifelong endeavor. As we grow in understanding of our faith, our relationship with God deepens. We are more able to experience God’s promises of peace, hope and wholeness. We hear more clearly God’s call for our lives, and we receive God’s guidance for the journey. Scripture reveals levels of meaning, sparks new ideas, and takes on new relevance in our lives. Here are some of the adult faith formation groups available at CUMC: 


In Pathways groups, adults are invited to openly and honestly explore the fundamental questions of our faith. Many of these questions are posed from a Christian perspective, but people of all faiths are welcome to come, explore and share from their own tradition. We will break from our usual format for Advent - Christmas (November 27 through January 1) and for Lent - Easter Sunday (March 1 through April 16) to explore and experience the meaning of these holiest seasons of the Christian calendar. You can join Pathways groups at any time, and feel free to participate as your schedule allows. All are welcome.

Check out the schedule and more about Pathways here. For questions contact Rev. Leigh at

Christian Meditation

CUMC’s meditation group meets every Tuesday evening from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Meditation is a time to quiet our minds and go beyond words, thoughts and images into the presence of God and the indwelling Spirit. While it is often associated with eastern spiritual practices such as Buddhism, meditation is also deeply rooted in Christian tradition. Whether you have practiced meditation or are exploring for the first time, all are welcome.

Find out more hereFor questions contact the church office or Corey Houchins-Witt at

The Bible, Theology and Andy Griffith
Sunday mornings, 8:15 am

This group chooses a Bible lesson every other week. For the first week’s class, the lesson is studied. In the following week, the group watches an episode of The Andy Griffith Show and discusses how it relates to the lesson, and to normal, everyday life. This is a fun and relaxed group is a great way to meet people and consider how the Bible is relevant in our lives today. You can jump in at any time and attend as you are able, and no preparation or previous knowledge of the Bible is necessary. All are welcome.

For questions contact Karen at

Adult Bible Study
Sunday mornings, 8:30 am

This is a small group Bible study that also incorporates books on Christian study and practice. Books are chosen and read over a period of weeks, but it is possible to join in at any time. No previous knowledge of the Bible is necessary. All are welcome.

For questions contact Karen at

Where Mom's Connect - Mom's Ministry
2nd Wednesday of the month

Join us at 6:00 pm for a kid friendly supper. Mom's meet following the meal.  We will use "Where Mom's Connect" curriculum from Group Publishing.  Topics will include How to Raise Grateful Children; How to Be Happier; Service Projects for Families; and Declutter Your Life. Child care with activities will be provided.

Contact Jennifer Filter with questions at

Prayer for Parents

The first Sunday of each month, directly following worship (10:45-11:10 am) we will meet in the Youth Room to reflect on the devotional, Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas.Then we will have a time of prayer with an opportunity to share joys and concerns with the parents present. 

Contact Jennifer Filter with questions at

Online Study and Reflection

Often we will have a study or devotion with conversation on our Facebook page. Participants can then join in, read and comment when their busy schedules allow. Topics vary. Like our Facebook page and watch the news feed for more information.


What's New

Wondering where you fit at CUMC? Come explore the many ways we can make a difference in our church, our neighborhood, our world.

The stories from Texas are heart-breaking, and now we are bracing for similar disasters in Puerto Rico, Florida, and possibly the Carolinas. The number and severity of these hurricanes is extraordinary, and in addition to praying for the victims many of us want to do something more to help.

United Methodists value open hearts and open minds. We believe in engaging faith and how it speaks to our world today, and that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. We are open in our exploration of our faith.

Adults at Coralville UMC come together to explore their personal spirituality on a journey called Pathways. Read more about it here.

After a short summer break, SPLAT! will be back starting Sunday, September 17.  We will plan to meet every Sunday after Brew Crew, at 11:30 am.  All youth, in grades 7-12 are welcome!