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Lenten Sermon Series Begins

On Sunday, February 26, we begin our Lenten series, "Seeking: Honest Questions for Deeper Faith."

Throughout Lent, we hear stories of Jesus encountering people who are seeking: Nicodemus, a Samaritan woman at a well, a man born without sight. Each person is seeking a new beginning, a different life, a deeper faith. Each encounter is an exchange filled with questions.  Assumptions are broken down and a new perspective is revealed, even as mystery grows.

Through the turbulence of the past few years, many of us are asking big questions as well, about our lives and our faith.  Throughout this season you are invited to ask yourself, “What is it I am seeking? What is God seeking?”

Come join us in worship at 9:30 am this week and every Sunday.  Remember, If you aren’t able to come in person, we offer online worship in real time via live-stream on our Facebook page at (20+) Coralville United Methodist Church | Facebook

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